CRW-EY 2280÷21290

A CLASS energy efficiency watercooled liquid Chillers with (Inverter) Screw compressors and flooded shell and tube exchangers

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The liquid chillers of the CRW-EY 2280÷21290 series, with R134a refrigerant, are specifically designed for big size data centres. These units are characterized by an high efficiency, in A CLASS, with EER higher than 5,05 thanks to the dedicated technical solutions as flooded shell and tube exchangers and mono-Screw compressors with satellite.
Units are equipped with latest generation Screw compressors, flooded shell and tube exchangers and connections for condensation with tower water or well water or with a Dry-Cooler. Furthermore, they have a series of accessories which are factory fitted or supplied separately. Designed and produced to optimize the layout of each component so as to make any necessary maintenance operations more convenient, these units have an essential and compact structure intended for indoor installation. The units can be equipped with Inverter control on one or on both the Screw compressors. The solution with double Inverter allows, in addition to the above described, to increase the power efficiency of the unit in the same size, adapting to the different needs and solutions.

CRW-EJ 2280÷21290
On request, units can be supplied with R513A refrigerant.


  • CRW-EY - Cooling only
  • CRW-EY/SSL - Super silenced cooling only


  • Structure with supporting frame, made of galvanised sheet metal with additional protection provided by polyester powder coating.
  • Screw compressors with suction filter, oil sight glass, thermal protection and stepless capacity steps. Oil separator and crankcase heater installed on cooling circuit.
  • Shell and tube type condenser, with easily removable cast iron heads to enable access for maintenance operations.
  • High efficiency flooded shell and tube type evaporator, with one circuit on the refrigerant side and one on the water side, complete with water differential pressure switch.
  • Cooling circuit shut-off valves on suction, discharge and liquid line.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Electronic high and low pressure gauges.
  • R134a refrigerant. On request R513A refrigerant.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch with door safety interlock, fuses, thermal protection relays for compressors.
  • Microprocessor control and regulation system.