WOP 0009÷0155


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Chilled water units. The liquid Chiller can be watercooled or aircooled, with Free-Cooling technology too. The liquid flow through the unit water coil is managed by a 3-way internal valve.
The WOP range is equipped with EC Inverter Plug-Fans; High Head fans are available as accessories.
The EC Inverter Plug-Fans allow fuel consumption at partial loads to be reduced by up to 61% compared to radial fans, modulating the power consumption according to the required thermal load.
The WOP range is available in two air delivery configurations: WOPT with upflow and WOPB with downflow.
Unit supervision is developed by means of Modbus RTU protocol over RS485
serial interface as standard configuration. Other communication protocols and
interfaces are available as option.
The WOP units can operate with water at a high temperature (13/18°C) thanks to the specific HT accessory: the batteries are optimised for this set point to achieve greater energy efficiency.


  • WOPT/C - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • WOPT/U - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • WOPT/E - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • WOPT/D - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • WOPB/C - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • WOPB/U - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • WOPB/E - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • WOPB/D - Bottom air discharge and upper intake

Power range

  • 8.6-155 kW
  • 2.4-44.0 Ton

Factory fitted accessories

  • AP High ESP fans
  • HT High water temperature operation 13/18°C
  • DPS Double power supply
  • AR Air renewal inlet with filter
  • AT Constant air flow regulation control
  • AT/P Constant available static pressure regulation control
  • PF Differential pressure switch filters control
  • ES Electrical heater with step regulation
  • WS2 Hot water coil with 3-Way valve
  • UMI Electrodes steam humidifier
  • SA Water alarm sensor
  • IST Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISB BACnet MSTP protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • ISBT BACnet IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISS SNMP protocol, Ethernet port
  • RE Adjustable minimum/maximum voltage and phase control relay

Loose accessories

  • MP Condensate drain pump
  • MP/U Condensate and humidifier drain pump
  • SB Fire sensor
  • SC Smoke sensor
  • CR Remote control panel
  • ZP Adjustable baseframe with shock absorbers (mod. B only)
  • ZA Adjustable baseframe with shock absorbers and deflector (mod. B only)
  • DL Bottom plenum for side connections (mod. T only)
  • BA Top vertical intake plenum with F7 efficiency filter (mod. B only)
  • BD Top frontal discharge plenum with grid (mod. T only)
  • DM Bottom frontal discharge plenum with grid (mod. B only)
  • BV Top discharge/intake plenum with damper
PerformancesTotal cooling capacity (1)kW8,613,117,621,727,531,435,947,756,663,469,379,188,996,8104117128142155
Sensible cooling capacity (1)kW7,711,715,217,623,125,335,644,348,051,253,967,271,274,888,494,098,6114119
SHR (1)%90%89%86%81%84%81%99%93%85%81%78%85%80%77%85%80%77%80%77%
Water flow (1)l/s0,410,630,841,041,311,501,722,282,703,033,313,784,254,624,975,596,126,787,41
Total pressure drops (1)kPa37373941454740425144484146505144504145
Unit performances with HT accessoryTotal cooling capacity (2)kW6,39,712,815,619,722,528,436,141,546,450,058,364,970,176,585,392,4104112
Sensible cooling capacity (2)kW6,39,712,814,819,221,428,436,141,543,845,758,360,863,776,580,683,897,9100
SHR (2)%100%100%100%95%97%95%100%100%100%94%91%100%94%91%100%94%91%94%89%
Water flow (2)l/s0,300,460,610,750,941,081,361,721,982,222,392,793,103,353,664,084,414,975,35
Total pressure drops (2)kPa27394143374336413533354347513741464448
Fan sectionFans1111111111122222233
Air flow (3)m³/h25003300390039005600560011500115001150011500115001600016000160002100021000210002550025500
Max. available static pressure - STD fansPa41020016011090701501201007050340310280170140100290260
Max. available static pressure - High ESP fansPa630490310270370350250230200180140520490490300270240430400
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Sound pressureWOPT - Top Air Discharge version (4)dB(A)52565960616164646465656060616666666465
WOPB - Bottom Air Discharge version (4)dB(A)46515455565659595960605555566161615960
Electrical heatingSteps3333333333333333333
Electrical powerkW4,54,54,54,57,57,513,513,513,513,513,516,516,516,522,522,522,527,027,0
Hot water coilHeating capacity (5)kW3,43,94,34,46,06,025,825,825,825,825,835,635,635,651,251,251,263,063,0
Water flow (5)l/s0,160,190,210,210,290,291,231,231,231,231,231,701,701,702,452,452,453,013,01
Total pressure drops (5)kPa19253031292939393939394444444747474848
Electrodes steam humidifierNominal steam productionkg/h444444888888881515151515
Nominal powerkW3,03,03,03,03,03,06,06,06,06,06,06,06,06,011,311,311,311,311,3
WeightsTransport weight WOPT - Top Air Dischargekg198203207214252257388398408419433501514536592641659731753
Transport weight WOPB - Bottom Air Dischargekg216220225231270275405416426437451530544565621670688767788
Operating weight WOPT - Top Air Dischargekg188192197204241246368379389399411479492508565608626698720
Operating weight WOPB - Bottom Air Dischargekg206209215221259264385397407417429508522537594637655734755




  • 1 Ambient air temperature 24°C - R.H. 50%, water temperature 7°C / 12°C.
  • 2 Ambient air temperature 27°C - R.H. 50%, water temperature 13°C / 18°C.
  • 3 Air flow calculated with Available Static Pressure of 20 Pa.
  • 4 Sound pressure level calculated in free field conditions at 1,5 m height and 2 m distance. According to ISO 3744.
  • 5 Ambient air temperature 20°C, water temperature 45°C / 40°C.