XIP 1017÷3136

Aircooled direct expansion units with Inverter Scroll compressors and EC Inverter Plug-Fans

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High efficiency aircooled direct expansion units. The Inverter Scroll compressor and the EC Inverter Plug-Fans vary their delivered power and absorbed power depending on the real requested thermal load. Up to 88% difference between minimum and maximum absorbed power is reachable.
The XIP range is equipped with EC Inverter Plug-Fans; High Head fans are available as accessories.
The range features electronic expansion valve already included.
The XIP range is available in two air discharge versions: XIPT with top air discharge and XIPB with bottom air discharge.
Unit supervision is developed by means of Modbus RTU protocol over RS485
serial interface as standard configuration. Other communication protocols and
interfaces are available as option.
The units are suitable for operation at a high outdoor air temperature (up to 52 C) with the correct combination with the XT remote condensers.


  • XIPT/C - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • XIPT/U - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • XIPT/E - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • XIPT/D - Top air discharge and frontal intake
  • XIPB/C - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • XIPB/U - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • XIPB/E - Bottom air discharge and upper intake
  • XIPB/D - Bottom air discharge and upper intake

Power range

  • 17.0-136 kW

Factory fitted accessories

  • AP High ESP fans
  • SL Unit silencement
  • AR Air renewal inlet with filter
  • AT Constant air flow regulation control
  • AT/P Constant available static pressure regulation control
  • PF Differential pressure switch filters control
  • ES Electrical heater with step regulation
  • WS2 Hot water coil with 3-Way valve
  • PG Hot gas post-heating coil (with valve)
  • UMI Electrodes steam humidifier
  • SA Water alarm sensor
  • IST Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISB BACnet MSTP protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • ISBT BACnet IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISS SNMP protocol, Ethernet port
  • LT Unit ready for operation with KLT
  • RE Adjustable minimum/maximum voltage and phase control relay

Loose accessories

  • MP Condensate drain pump
  • MP/U Condensate and humidifier drain pump
  • SB Fire sensor
  • SC Smoke sensor
  • CR Remote control panel
  • ZP Adjustable baseframe with shock absorbers (mod. B only)
  • ZA Adjustable baseframe with shock absorbers and deflector (mod. B only)
  • DL Bottom plenum for side connections (mod. T only)
  • BA Top vertical intake plenum with F7 efficiency filter (mod. B only)
  • BD Top frontal discharge plenum with grid (mod. T only)
  • DM Bottom frontal discharge plenum with grid (mod. B only)
  • BV Top discharge/intake plenum with damper
PerformancesTotal cooling capacity - Max (1)kW17,226,954,163,295,0136
Total cooling capacity - Min. (1)kW6,09,419,210,318,825,0
Sensible cooling capacity - Max. (1)kW15,222,647,059,783,2110
Sensible cooling capacity - Min. (1)kW6,09,419,210,318,825,0
SHR - Max. (1)%88%84%87%94%88%81%
SHR - Min. (1)%100%100%100%100%100%100%
Total absorbed power - Max (1)kW5,37,915,917,126,437,6
Total absorbed power - Min. (1)kW1,92,85,94,47,69,5
EER - Max. (1)kW3,283,393,413,703,603,61
EER - Min. (1)3,053,293,202,282,402,55
Refrigerant circuitRefrigerant circuits111222
Fan sectionFans111223
Air flow (2)m³/h3900560011500160002100025500
Max. available static pressure - STD fansPa130100100350170310
Max. available static pressure - High ESP fansPa280380210530330480
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Sound pressureXIPT - Top Air Discharge version (3)dB(A)636670707174
XIPB - Bottom Air Discharge version (3)dB(A)576065646668
Electrical heatingSteps333333
Electrical powerkW4,57,513,516,522,527,0
Hot water coilHeating capacity (4)kW4,65,212,717,424,231,1
Water flow (4)l/s0,220,250,610,831,161,49
Total pressure drops (4)kPa342733324038
Hot gas coilHeating capacity (5)kW3,64,210,314,119,625,3
Electrodes steam humidifierNominal steam productionkg/h44881515
Nominal powerkW3,03,06,06,011,311,3
WeightsTransport weight XIPT - Top Air Dischargekg252295481624786990
Transport weight XIPB - Bottom Air Dischargekg2703134996538151025
Operating weight XIPT - Top Air Dischargekg242284461602758957
Operating weight XIPB - Bottom Air Dischargekg260302479631787992




  • 1 Ambient air temperature 24°C - R.H. 50%, condensing temperature 45°C.
  • 2 Air flow calculated with Available Static Pressure of 20 Pa.
  • 3 Sound pressure level calculated in free field conditions at 1,5 m height and 2 m distance. According to ISO 3744.
  • 4 Ambient air temperature 20°C, water temperature 45°C / 40°C.
  • 5 Temperatura aria ambiente 20°C.