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MONTAIR XIPR series is a range of direct expansion conditioning units specifically designed to be closely coupled with the apparatus which generate the thermal load within a data center.
These units are equipped with EC Plug-Fans with backward curved blades, electronic expansion valve directly controlled by a microprocessor and an advanced user interface. The system is completed with an external condensing unit equipped with high efficiency Inverter Scroll compressor. Both fans and compressor operate based on dedicated regulation logics which have the purpose of maximizing the efficiency in a wide range of working conditions.


  • XIPR-1/C - Mandata aria frontale 1000 mm
  • XIPR-2/C - Mandata aria frontale 1200 mm
  • XIPR-L/C - Mandata aria laterale (Entrambi i lati) 1200 mm
  • XIPR-D/C - Mandata aria laterale (Lato destro) 1200 mm
  • XIPR-S/C - Mandata aria laterale (Lato sinistro) 1200 mm

Power range

  • 11.0-36.0 kW