WOPR 0015÷0030


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MONTAIR WOPR series is a range of high performing chilled water air conditioning units specifically designed to be closely coupled with the apparatus which generate the thermal load within a data center.
These units are equipped with EC Plug-Fans with backward curved blades, a large cooling coil optimized to operate with high inlet water temperature and wide deltaT. Thermal load variations are covered by the simultaneous action of 2 or 3-way modulating valve and the automatic fans speed control by means of regulation logics managed by a microprocessor and an advanced user interface.
Excellent performances are achieved when combined with Montair high efficiency Free-Cooling chillers and with the new available liquid Chillers with low GWP refrigerants.


  • WOPR-1/C - Frontal air discharge 1000 mm
  • WOPR-2/C - Frontal air discharge 1200 mm
  • WOPR-L/C - Lateral air discharge (Both sides) 1200 mm
  • WOPR-D/C - Lateral air discharge (Right side) 1200 mm
  • WOPR-S/C - Lateral air discharge (Left side) 1200 mm

Power range

  • 15.0-31.0 kW
  • 4.3-8.8 Ton

Factory fitted accessories

  • MP Condensate drain pump
  • DPS Double power supply
  • PF Differential pressure switch filters control
  • SA Water alarm sensor
  • IS Modbus RTU protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • IST Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISB BACnet MSTP protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • ISBT BACnet IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISS SNMP protocol, Ethernet port
  • MVP 2 way modulating and balancing valve with flow meter, pressure independent
  • MQ 3-Way modulating valve
  • OW Outlet water temperature sensor
  • STT Remote air temperature sensors
  • TCI Hydraulic connections from the top

Loose accessories

  • CR Remote control panel
  • C03 Base frontal/back covering - 300mm
  • C10 Base lateral covering 1000mm
  • C12 Base lateral covering 1200mm
PerformancesTotal cooling capacity (1)kW15,020,124,830,8
Sensible cooling capacity (1)kW15,020,124,830,8
SHR (1)%1111
FansEC Plug-FansEC Plug-FansEC Plug-FansEC Plug-Fans
ISO 16890 FiltrationTipoe(PM10).min ≤50 %e(PM10).min ≤50 %e(PM10).min ≤50 %e(PM10).min ≤50 %
Air flowm³/h3000400054005800
Fan energy consumptionkW0,320,470,620,80
Water flow (1)l/s0,710,961,181,47
Pressure drops (1)kPa35,735,441,355,4
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50
Weight indoor unitPeso 1000kg186192197202
Peso 1200kg200206211216


Indoor unit dimensionsLmm300300300300
W (2)mm1000 - 12001000 - 12001000 - 12001000 - 1200
Hmm2073 (42 U)2073 (42 U)2073 (42 U)2073 (42 U)


  • 1 Return air 35°C - 25% rh and 10/15°C water temperature.
  • 2 Nominal dimension (overall dimension 1050-1250mm)