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Air remote condensers with axial fans coupled to the units of the XIP – TIP – XOP – XOC – TOP – TOC series.
The units are available in three different configurations depending on the noise level required: Standard, Silenced (SL) and Super silenced (SSL). The units are equipped with the latest generation axial fans, with motor fan shrouds having a large radius of curvature to eliminate all the air flow turbulence and with larger plenum to uniform the air distribution on the cooling coil.
The Remote Condensers are provided with all necessary wiring and electrical protection already on board. The Condensing Control / Fan Speed Control is included for a continuous modulation of the fans speed. EC Inverter fans are available as accessory for a full modulation of absorbed power and noise according to the required air flow.
The units can be installed with either horizontal or vertical air delivery, with dedicated supports (SVV), available as accessory.


  • UCM - Remote condenser